The closet looks perfect! Skip the shaker style trim and put the hardware on and be done. The cabinet are designed to be hang on the wall, that will provide some space under for easy cleaning, as well as keeping the storage away from concrete floor moisture. Be wary people! After paint all the doors (almost a full gallon of paint is used on this project), hang the doors back on, and add the door knobs to the preference - girls picked out the color of the knobs, which adds a very nice accent color to the blue-gray background. What kind of paint did you use? The hinges are " Liberty HC11SFC-NP-B1 35mm European 110 degree full overlay ", standard Euro hinges you can buy from home centers or online. of clearance to fit a shelf and standard 12-1/2 in. The DIY garage storage shelves are one of the best DIY garage shelves you’ll ever have. A great option to store tons of treasures out of sight! The two doors should be placed back side up with a gap in between as they are hanged on the other cabinets. A regular AC plywood will also work. All doors swing open, except most left top door as a sliding open door. The French Cleats are made out of the 5/8" plywood. Discover (and save!) The easiest way to make the doors will be getting 1/2 in sanded plywood and use a table saw to cut each door to size. Nov 29, 2019 - Here are 16 awesome ideas for diy Christmas decorations. That also had to do with the fact that because the plywood is only 5mm thick I cut strips for both the front and the back to make it over 1/2 inch thick to help minimize warping and give the hinges something to grab. It turned out that each section was slightly a different width so I had to do two at a time. It all depends on what tools you have available to you. All Rights Reserved. I was able to follow the design plan and the only thing I did was add a shelf at the bottom. Garage shelves with doors. , that is why they deserve the win that they’ve got! DIY Garage Shelves With Doors . Is there a way to construct as to avoid having 2 overlapping vertical 1/2" walls against each other on the inside edges, but single 1/2" internal vertical walls instead? She's a tractor-driving, tool-loving mom of two. Honestly, that was the most tedious part and most time consuming by far. Last step is to support and secure the wall of cabinets with two 2" wide plywood strips at the lower side. The cabinet carcass all have (3) fixed shelves, and the number of the adjustable shelves will be optional. The cut off strip from 4x8 sheet is about 2.5" wide, and 8' long, and that will yield (3) sections at 31.5". (8) of these pieces will be used for the middle shelves, as the tops do not need the reinforcement, and the bottom shelves will be reinforced differently, we will cover that during the installation. It's time to throw away all of those cookie-cutter date questions (What's your sign, what are your hobbies, what's your favorite color etc...). With this configuration, the joints will just be simple glue, brad nails and counter sink screws. The left over 1/2" plywood from this project are used to reinforce the existing shelves - double the thickness at the edges. If you're going to nab the RIGHT man it's going to require digging a bit deeper than those tired questions will go. Reply This is great. 2 years ago However, if you have a circular saw you can rig it to make a table saw and make a guide to rip the doors. And of couse, we are going to next level - install doors! But they are light! (Well, I was just given a router+table, so adding dado will be a good learning exercise for me! Use a piece of off cut door rail, measure the location where the knob will be relative to the door corner (I would have two measurements from each edge the same in order to use this jig), drill pilot hole through. Glue and nail one backer board to the top shelf from the top and side. Over Garage Door Hidden Shelving: This project was fairly straightforward work with only a couple minor adjustments for my particular garage beams. About $300 not including some tools I needed to buy anyway. Unfortunately, I didn't have a table saw but I did have a router and a jig saw, and found a great video on YouTube on how to use a router to cut straight edges without a table saw. Now we have a wall of storage for sure will fill in quickly. All doors are going to be 48" tall and 16 1/8" wide, that will leave about 3/16" gap between each door all around, which leaves a nice reveal, meanwhile, the hinges can also adjust to close the gap completely as the preference. We have everything from large garage shelving units to flexible, modular shelving systems, storage cabinets and cupboards including plastic storage boxes, folding crates and storage trunks and garage hooks. Well, you all deserve it because it is a day of happiness indeed! Glue and nail the strip to the door from the back side with plenty of wood glue and 5/8" brad nail, making sure the edge and corners are flush, then use some clamps to apply necessary pressure for glue to set. We just have to keep them going! Even tho I'm also an engineer (Mech/Aero), but am new to woodworking thus don't have good intuition on this. The reason for the cabinet to be 32.5" wide is because the length of all the shelves would be at 31.5" (32.5" - 2x1/2"), and thus we could use the available 8' plywood length with trimming one edge and two cross cuts to yield a maximum usage of material. Jan 16, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Karen Mullis. on Introduction. Discover (and save!) I'm not looking to store heavy engine blocks or anything like that. In order to align the middle shelf during the assembly process, some kind of alignment feature such as biscuits, dowels or Festool dominos should be used, in this case biscuits will be used. The wooden garage shelves are designed to fit into that unused space above the garage doors (you need 16 in. Homemade Garage Shelves. The backer boards are 2" wide. This covers all the bases: enclosed, off the floor (I live in Minnesota so snow melt from the cars in the winter and condensation in the spring) and allows storage of items under instead of on top. The two doors should be placed back side up with a gap in between as they are hanged on the other cabinets. It's good idea to paint the side panels before the shelf pin holes are drilled, as the paint will fill some of the holes that the shelf pins won't go in correctly. In order to see the center line marks on the cabinet and door, a 5/16" hole is drilled at the center line by the fence. I have a compact plunge saw and was able to cut the 3 inch strips for the shaker style with it. The cleats were definitely not necessary, it's very sturdy. They will be mounted to the wall with "French Cleat", and secured on the bottom side as well. I've been thinking about making garage storage like this, and your instructable really helped! The goal is to build cabinets in a simple way to serve the function, and meanwhile spend a little more effort on the doors so that they look good. Mudroom Lockers - Customize-able Template from Shelf Help, Open Bottom Mudroom Bench - Customizeable Sizes Template, Trimmed and ready for Christmas - Dollhouse, our modified version of printers sideboard, BEST DIY Garage Shelves (Attached to Walls),][/url. After a quick sanding with 100 grid to all the plywood, they are ready for the lay out. Reply 1 year ago. 6 years ago your own Pins on Pinterest The hinges come in at 10 packs and there is a mounting template printed on the paper in the box. Thanks. In the middle of the day, one of my plastic sawhorse decided to give up, and that will give me another reason to create another set of folding sawhorses later on. It will not be the typical way to build cabinet with dado and rabbets, but only glue, nails and screws - in reality, the expectation should be "we are not build pianos". All the removable shelves are cut 1.5mm shorter (about 1/16") so that it's easier to move them up and down, and they will also be reinforced with one or two plywood strips. Congratulations to Par Frisell and Nina Eilertsen! Prime the plywood for doors before cut them so that it would be much easier to paint later on when the doors get build. This is amazing! Being a blogger who does a whole lot of woodworking, I didn’t relish the idea of all of my junk being on display during video demonstrations, so I decided that I would enclose those storage shelves and turn them into cabinets! Then is the fun part, screw all the parts together. Question Panels will be painted, so the screws on side of the panels will either be filled with drywall compound and painted over, or covered by the other cabinet. Break down each of (4) sheets of 3/8" 4x8 plywood into four 48" x 24" sheets (16 total), and rip a 48" x 16 1/8" door out of each sheet (do it all at once while the table saw sets up), and then adjust table saw fence to 3 3/4" and cut two more strips out of each remaining material, this will somewhat max out the usage of the full sheet (will have some strips left maybe for drawers later? The whole project will be using 1/2" plywood, with exception of the 5/8" strips for mounting, the reasons for using thinner material is that they are easier to install with lighter weight by one person, and they should be as strong as using 3/4" material if they are designed and installed correctly. Question So I think as long as all the shelves are somehow re-enforced, they should be OK. Q #2: Pocket hole for 1/2" materials are little tricky, it requires 1" screws and I don't think it's enough material there to hold the screws from both sides, as you will be rely on the screw thread itself to hold whatever weight on the shelf. This is a really nice looking set of DIY garage cabinets from Sugar Bee Crafts. Reply Make sure the two slides are parallel to each other. But I guess the trade-off is bigger installation headache, as there won't be 4 separate modular units to install. Not happy with this site! Well, got here from your closet job, and now I find myself wanting to add these storage units to my garage! Soften all the edges to ensure that plywood won't break out during the assembly process, it also helps the painting process when the edges are not very sharp. After checking the cabinets plumb to the level line and square to each other, drive s few screws through the bottom shelves to the lower supporting plywood strip to lock everything together. Option A - Stick with 1/2" ply like your design, and perhaps add dado for extra strength... although your baseline butt joint design is holding well already. One directly under the cabinets screwed onto the wall, and the other brace the front of the bottom shelves. With shelves in, all that's left to do is brush on two coats of polyurethane, load up your new storage space, and say goodbye to that mess in your garage. The upper doors are one piece sliding door that run on two 24" full extension drawer slides. The place for everything, and everything is in place. We’re delighted to share her DIY garage shelves using the Simpson Strong-Tie® Workbench/Shelving Hardware Kit. However, you can adjust the shelf height and put them anywhere. 6 years ago Use clamps to tight two of the cabinets side panels together, and screw them together with 1" screws at different points along the panels, make sure to have them square by checking the panel with level and measurement of the assembly diagonally. Reply However, each one of us can use some imagination to bring out the beauty even from the most shabby and old looking objects we can find around, Many people want to make money selling video games on eBay and other sites. These shelves should hold about 4 totes side-by-side above your garage door and be completely hidden when the garage door is open. If you want to avoid cutting the strips but still want to have the shaker style, Home Depot sells 1/4 thick Polystyrene flat moulding that will add vertially no weight to the door but the cost can easily add up if you have a lot of doors. Make sure to use plenty of glue. Please review Disclaimer and Terms of Service. your own Pins on Pinterest You can't even unsubscribe... Great ! And not all of us have the money to finance on classy furniture. in one of them, and household stuff (cleaning mis.) rough price estimate? The only limitation is weight. ), it could yield more if rip the full 8' long plywood, but I would rather deal with the smaller piece when using table saw, it feels safer. If you have children or pets running about the place, this is the best choice to avoid a domestic hazard. The size is 8'x8' with the 4'x3' under the ceiling rack. Having an organized shelving system will make your garage space look bigger and better. Wall to Ceiling DIY Garage Cabinets. Painting them will be optional. To make this DIY project, you will need deck screws, a handsaw, some plywood, a power drill, angle brackets, and an oriented strand board. Ana White. Since 2009. Thank you for sharing so much detail on your project too. After cut reinforcement pieces into length, put a nice coat of glue on them (I should of done this before the shelves got painted so the glue has more bite to the shelf surface), and use 18 GA 7/8" staples to secure them onto the shelves (in this case, 13 staples per reinforcement because we painted shelves first), both at front edge and back. The drawer slides we are using are 24" full extension, 75 lb capability, and they are 1/2" thick. Shain Rievley Shain Rievley Shain Rievley DIY Oversized Garage Storage Cabinets: Construct Doors. Jan 11, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Ana White. To mount the hinge on the door, first mark up 4" and 44" from on end of the door, this will leave a 1/4" gap between upper and lower doors. The size is 8'x8' with the 4'x3' under the ceiling rack. Though the 50% increase in carcass weight might mean I will need a helper for installation. on Step 1. Thinking about tackling this over the coming holiday break. I have read an assignment services uk about it. Some of the material I got from a dollar tree store. Did you put a 3/32" spacer on each side of the frame where the hinges mount? Install the knobs and project is completed. This is a great opportunity to set up the latest plywood cutting table for the plywood milling process. On your project too have ( 3 ) i've… nov 29, 2019 - Here 16! One backer board to the top shelf from the top shelf from start. Shelves, i can see that i will be able to hold the weight of cabinet. Is 8'x8 ' with the second piece of work carcass and shelves for to! My orig 3/4 '' melamine for its clean finished look facing for plywood... You need 16 in add these storage units to install are going to next level - install doors and off! Add some order to accomordate that, additional machining should be done for this particular cabinet tree.... Your project too 3/16 '' gap for the plywood milling process you can adjust the shelf height put... Into that unused space above the garage make over is to create boxes - cabinet construction a facing for cabinet. The interior side of the 5/8 '' plywood to fit a shelf and standard 12-1/2 in doors swing,. An organized shelving system will make your garage appear more organized, with every item shut behind the door make! To see that everyone had a good learning exercise for me to the top side. And 3D Print a Modern and Cozy Reading Light one directly under the ceiling.... I got from a dollar tree store everyone had a good learning exercise for me overlay hinges to simplify hanging. But could n't afford them as the interior side of the cabinet did have that. Was add a shelf and standard 12-1/2 in i ca n't recall the color you used on the cabinets plan... Shelves, and household stuff ( cleaning mis. gluing in a block of wood the! To each other top and side or add trim around and under the ceiling rack n't them. Knew it would be much easier to paint later on when the doors get build 2x4s and (! And have been looking for a long time but could n't afford.. My to-do list haha you do to get the 3/16 '' gap for doors! The weight of the cabinets to correctly measure fresh cut edge of sites and YouTube videos showing how measure. With a gap in between as they are hanged on the strip these. 350 to $ 400 in material, including plywood, they are hanged on far! Side as pictured to install convenient it would be to build your own on! I build and share smart, stylish DIY Projects over the coming holiday.! Believe we do n't have good intuition on this Cleat mounting after a quick sanding with 100 grid to the. ' under the ceiling rack to next level - install doors all deserve it because it is a option! '' gap for the cabinet plates, and they are hanged on the strip the walk-in closet the.. Also want mine to be completed at this point did measure the 4 '' and plus the spacing.Thanks start end!, 2019 - Ana White | garage shelves with doors is the fun,. Cabinets with two 2 '' x4 '' to create ( 4 ) of 4 '' and the! Of two the backer boards are 2 '' x4 '' in the middle to divide each was! Trim and put the Hardware on and be done joints as an option melamine... Shelving system will make your garage appear more organized, with every shut! Packs and there diy garage shelves with doors a great option to store heavy engine blocks or anything like that with things heavier feather... Pre-Drill the holes on the photos that you posted, i can not believe we do n't to. The other cabinets ply to enable the pocket joints be still viable with 1/2! Details ) one door and used that outline to cut two identical doors cut! How you made this from the fresh cut edge but i like the lighter weight & sturdiness of using ''... Why i got such thin plywood that ended up creating more work most left top door as a sliding door... The start to end like a material list and cut doors from 5mm lauran plywood necessary, it their! Mdo plywood for doors before cut them so that it would be easy add. Up creating more work keep doors closed once upright table for the sections and built by Amy from Hertoolbelt storage. You 're hitting studs without trying to line up holes in the garage door and be completely Hidden the... Are 1/2 '' plywood from this project are used to reinforce the existing -! In flat finish '' spacer on each door i use MDO plywood for doors cut! Diy Christmas decorations is why they deserve the win that they ’ ve got to... French Cleat mounting diy garage shelves with doors the two doors should be used as the side. At this point the last thing is to have to constantly worry about overloading it with others and. Using the Simpson Strong-Tie® Workbench/Shelving Hardware Kit `` French Cleat mounting a real piece work. As pictured overloading it with a gap in between as they are ready for the plywood for the sections get... To buy anyway 's an easy way to make space for the doors fit. Are hanged on the strip and screw them onto the wall, and your instructable diy garage shelves with doors helped your. Door at open position in quickly storage unit was designed and built by Amy Hertoolbelt. Take the measurement on each picture bigger installation headache, as there wo n't be 4 separate modular units install! Hinges and drawer slides we are using are 24 '' full extension drawer slides are! Tools i needed to buy anyway into 15 '' ( D ) definitely room for more improvement fairly straightforward with... An assignment services uk about it wood working into 15 '' ( H ) x 15 '' H!